Tongue & Groove
Pop / Rock covers band

Tongue & Groove are a dynamic band who can deliver entertainment to suit a wide range of cliental.

With a wide range of songs in their repertoire ranging from the 70's to current hits they are suited to almost any venue.

Emphasising the fun aspect, Tongue & Groove play tunes hot off the current charts mixed with some of the greatest hits from the past. Good groves with a bit of funk.

A dynamic, dance & sing-a-long if you like kind of band, who understand you want to be entertained.

Jeni Lind - lead vocalist
The newest edition to Tongue & Groove is the dynamic singer/dancer Jeni Lind who's feel for everything from RnB to Rock 'n' Roll has taken her from Gelong to Japan.

Brett Power - lead guitar
Known as Mr. Sensible to his friends, lead guitarist Brett was a major force in the fusion of Tongue & Groove. A totally professional approach to his instrument and his slick style can be attributed to many years of working in bands on the Sydney circuit.

Scott Campbell - drums
Since his first professional gig at 14 Scott wanted nothing more than to be a musician. Natural talent, a dedication to getting it right, and hot grooves are just a few of the attributes that make him an invaluable member of the band.

Henry J. Lloyd - bass guitar
Having decided that the Gladiators really wasn't for him, Henry packed up his leotard, grabbed his guitar and joined Tongue & Groove. Epitomizing the laid back bass player, his gentle and forgiving nature bring the cool sound into his music.

The Snowman - percussion
No body seems to know the true identity of this percussionist guru who strikes fear into any item that be hit, shaken, rattled, pounded, rand, or tinkled. His look, feel, rhythm, and dynamic audience participation has been the final ingredient in Tongue & Groove's recipe for success.

Tongue & Groove deliver the goods!